Best Accounting Software For Cleaning Business in 2024

Accounting software
Accounting software

Best Accounting Software for Cleaning Business can help you maintain your company accounts easily. Maintaining a successful cleaning business means keeping on top of its finances.

Accounting software can make this easier; from bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll processing and tax compliance to payroll scheduling–allowing you to run the service more effectively.

In 2024 there are multiple accounting software options for small business owners looking to expand their cleaning service business. Here we explore those best suited to help grow the service more rapidly. Read further!

Key Takeaways

  • Accounting software is essential to effectively managing cleaning business finances, and tailored for service companies specifically with job costing, scheduling and inventory features.
  • Some popular general accounting software’s are QuickBooks, FreshBooks and ZipBooks – these will all provide useful features designed to streamline cleaning business finances.
  • Niche cleaning service software such as Jobber, ServiceFusion and Swept offer unique capabilities.
  • Identify your key needs before testing software thoroughly to select an easily expandable solution as your business expands.

Why Cleaning Businesses Require Specialized Accounting Software

Before considering our top software picks, it’s essential to understand why cleaning services need dedicated accounting solutions.

While basic tools such as spreadsheets can serve well in bootstrapped operations, expanding a cleaning business requires more robust accounting capabilities – and the ideal software solution will help a cleaning service expand successfully.

  1. Automate billing and payment collection
  2. Accurately track income and expenses
  3. Manage payroll records and employee records
  4. Calculate tax liabilities and deductions
  5. Generate financial reports and business insights
  6. Integrate with other tools for efficient operations.

Accounting software designed specifically for service businesses such as cleaning services can help these organizations to remain organized, reduce tax liabilities, enhance cash flow and make smarter business decisions.

What to Look For in Cleaning Accounting Software

Here Are Key Features Prioritized By Cleaning Business Owners

  1. User-friendly interface allows for effortless adoption.
  2. Job costing and project management capabilities.
  3. Time tracking tools.
  4. Inventory control for cleaning supplies management. 
  5. Mobile access for on-the-go use.
  6. Integrated payment processing for invoices.
  7. Excellent customer support and training resources.

Your ideal accounting software for your cleaning business should address most of these requirements while meeting budget and business needs.

Best Accounting Software For Cleaning Business

Let us see what are the best accounting software available in the market that can be used for your cleaning business.

  1. QuickBooks: QuickBooks’ industry-leading accounting solution has tailored versions specifically designed to address the needs of field service businesses such as cleaning services. QuickBooks handles invoicing, expenses, payroll processing and reports among many other functions.
  2. FreshBooks: With user-friendly accounting software like FreshBooks to simplify accounting tasks like invoicing, online payments, time tracking and project management tools specifically tailored for cleaning services, accounting tasks are simplified significantly.
  3. Jobber: Jobber is designed for field service businesses and provides invoicing, scheduling, client management and accounting capabilities all in one streamlined platform.
  4. ServiceFusion: ServiceFusion was developed specifically to help commercial and residential cleaning businesses organize jobs, employees, inventory, finances and finances from one central hub.
  5. Housecall Pro: Housecall Pro offers not only invoicing and accounting software but also scheduling, dispatching, mobile apps tailored specifically for cleaners, as well as billing capabilities.
  6. Swept: Created specifically to meet the needs of cleaning companies, Swept offers job management capabilities such as automatic reminders and routing as well as payment processing, inventory tracking and basic accounting services.
  7. ZipBooks: ZipBooks provides smaller cleaning businesses with free accounting software with unlimited invoicing, expense tracking, reporting and integrations – perfect for invoicing clients directly!
  8. Xero: This popular cloud-based accounting software provides a robust set of features tailored specifically for cleaning companies and service-based businesses.

Bonus Tip: QuickBooks for Comprehensive Cleaning Business Accounting

QuickBooks ranks consistently as one of the top small business accounting software solutions, making it an excellent option for cleaning services as well. QuickBooks gives cleaning businesses access to:

  • Customizable invoices and estimates
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Financial reporting and insights
  • Tax calculation and filing customised accounts
  • Payable / Receivable and inventory management.
  • Time tracking.
  • Payroll processing.
  • QuickBooks Mobile Apps

QuickBooks has developed an industry-specific version for professional cleaning services. This software contains all of the core accounting capabilities, plus tools for field service management and job costing that professional cleaners require, seamlessly scaling from small-scale operations up to larger ones.

Bonus Tip: FreshBooks for Simplified Cleaning Service Accounting

FreshBooks may be just the right accounting solution for your cleaning business, offering intuitive features at a reasonable cost. Key features of FreshBooks for Cleaning Businesses:

  • Recurring invoicing and late payment reminders¬†¬†
  • Time tracking of hourly rates
  • Expense entries with receipt uploads
  • Project management and team collaboration
  • Automated bank feeds and reconciliation
  • Customizable reports and tax prep
  • Mobile apps to access everything at any time

FreshBooks stands out for its user-friendly interface and outstanding customer service; making it simple for non-accountant to manage finances themselves. Furthermore, its software integrations enable cleaners to connect payment processors, payroll services, and other useful business tools seamlessly.

Niche Software for Specialized Cleaning Business Needs

QuickBooks and FreshBooks may provide general-purpose accounting software suitable for cleaners; however, other businesses may require niche solutions tailored specifically for the cleaning industry:

  1. Jobber provides field service businesses with scheduling, client management, invoicing and accounting tools for streamlined operation.
  2. ServiceFusion provides comprehensive business management for commercial and residential cleaners, with finance, operations and sales functionality built-in.
  3. Housecall Pro offers service providers a unique combination of accounting and field service management features for scheduling, dispatching and GPS tracking of their providers.
  4. Swept specializes in cleaning business software with job management features such as automated reminders, payments, supply tracking and basic bookkeeping capabilities.

Cleaning service software options feature built-in accounting as well as industry-specific features for operations, sales and more. However, these specialized programs may have less flexibility compared to general accounting programs.

Head To Head Comparison Of Accounting Software 

The following table clearly differentiates various software by directly comparing them:

SoftwarePricingCore Accounting FeaturesCleaning Industry SpecializationKey Additional Features
QuickBooksPaid, pricing varies by planInvoicing, Expenses, Payroll, Reporting, Tax FilingQuickBooks Online Advanced has specialized versions for Field ServicesJob Costing, Time Tracking, Inventory Management
FreshBooksPaid, $15-$50/monthInvoicing, Online Payments, Expense Tracking, Banking, ReportingIndustry-agnostic but well-suited for services businessesTime Tracking, Project Management, Team Collaboration
JobberPaid, $49-$379/monthInvoicing, Payments, Expenses, Basic BookkeepingBuilt specifically for field service companies like cleaningScheduling, Client Management, Crew Dispatch, Mobile Apps
ServiceFusionPaid, pricing not disclosedInvoicing, Accounting, Financial ReportingEnd-to-end solution for commercial/residential cleaning companiesWork Orders, Employee Management, Inventory, Sales/Marketing
Housecall ProPaid, $49-$519/monthInvoicing, Payments, AccountingTailored for field service providers including cleaningScheduling, Dispatching, GPS Tracking, Mobile Apps
SweptPaid, $39-$159/monthBasic Accounting, Invoicing, PaymentsDesigned exclusively for cleaning businessesJob Management, Reminders, Routing, Inventory Tracking
ZipBooksFree plan available, Paid plans $15-$35/monthInvoicing, Expense Tracking, Reporting, Basic AccountingIndustry-agnostic, suitable for small cleaning operationsUnlimited Invoices, Integrations, Mobile Apps
XeroPaid, $13-$65/monthInvoicing, Expenses, Bank Reconciliation, ReportingCloud-based solution well-suited for service businessesInventory Management, Project Tracking, 800+ Integrations

How Can Cleaning Business Owners Select The Appropriate Accounting Solution? 

Keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Define your must-have features and budget before searching for software with cleaning industry specializations if required.
  • Prioritize mobile access if managing finances remotely.
  • Furthermore, integrated payroll processing could streamline operations.
  • As your cleaning business expands, ensure your software can grow with you.
  • Be sure to test customer support availability if needed; take advantage of free trials or demos so you can put software through its paces directly.

Your cleaning business requires accounting software that streamlines financial management, provides insightful reporting capabilities and integrates seamlessly with existing tools while being flexible enough to grow alongside your company.


With the right accounting software in place, cleaning business owners can streamline bookkeeping tasks, reduce tax savings potentials and optimize cash flow while making smarter financial decisions for long-term profitability. Do not underestimate this vital investment for long-term profit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sage accounting the same as QuickBooks?

No, Sage and QuickBooks are different accounting software made by different companies. Sage offers accounting solutions like Sage 50 cloud and Sage Intacct, while QuickBooks is made by Intuit. Both are popular accounting programs, but they have different features, pricing, and intended users.

What is the best accounting software for the self-employed?

For self-employed individuals and very small businesses, some of the best accounting software options include:
QuickBooks Self-Employed: Specifically designed for independent contractors/freelancers.
FreshBooks: User-friendly interface and good for service-based businesses.
Wave: A free, cloud-based solution that covers basic accounting needs.
ZipBooks: The free version offers unlimited invoicing, expense tracking, and reports.
Xero: Cloud-based with strong invoicing, bank reconciliation, and mobile apps.
Ease of use, affordability, invoicing, expense tracking, and tax support are priorities for the self-employed when choosing accounting software.

Can I learn QuickBooks for free?

Yes, there are options to learn QuickBooks for free:
Intuit’s Free QuickBooks Tutorials: Video tutorials teaching the basics.
QuickBooks Guided Tour: Interactive product tours on Intuit’s website.
Free QuickBooks Course on Coursera: A free online course from instructors.
YouTube Videos: Search for “Learn QuickBooks” for free video lessons.
Additionally, QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial so you can get hands-on practice before purchasing.

What is the simplest and easiest accounting software?

Some of the simplest, most user-friendly accounting software programs include:
Wave: Free and very easy to use for basic accounting needs.
FreshBooks: Clean interface focused on invoicing and expense tracking.
Xero: Well-designed cloud solution with strong mobile apps.
QuickBooks Online: Intuitive version of the popular QuickBooks desktop software.
Zoho Books: Simple set up with automation for invoicing, expenses, and banking.

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