Ted parker obituary lumberton nc

ted parker obituary lumberton nc
ted parker obituary lumberton nc

The loss of a beloved member of the community often brings stories of impact, legacy and profound remembrance. Ted Parker, a long-time resident of Lumberton, NC, was one of those individuals whose story has left a lasting impression on all those who were close to his name. This article is an exhaustive obituary, highlighting Ted Parker’s life, the contributions he made to the community and the legacy that left behind by him.

Early Life

Childhood and Education

Ted Parker was born on May 12, 1945 at Lumberton, NC. He was the oldest of the three children in the Parker family. From an early childhood, Ted displayed a keen concern for his community, and a natural ability to communicate with others. Ted was a student at Lumberton High School, where he was a star academically as well as during extracurricular sports. Participation in the debate team as well as the student council hints at his job as a community leader.

Higher Education and Early Career

After completing high school at the age of 1963 Ted continued his education in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he majored in Business Administration. Through his college years, Ted was known for his charismatic personality and commitment in his study. He graduated with distinction in 1967 and then returned to Lumberton to begin his job.

Career and Contributions

Early Career in Business

Ted Parker began his skillful career as a lumber business. His business-savvy skills and unwavering work ethic earned him the reputation of an efficient and creative employee. When he was 30, Ted had worked his up to a management post, in which the company implemented a new strategy for business that dramatically enhanced the efficiency of the business and profits.

Founding Parker Enterprises

It was in 1978 that Ted Parker took a big step in the direction of establishing his own company, Parker Enterprises. With a small staff Ted’s vision and leadership transformed the business into an established business that is known for its dedication to customer satisfaction and quality. Parker Enterprises diversified into various areas, such as real estate, construction, and retail, establishing itself as a major part in the regional economy.

Contributions to the Business Community

Through throughout his job, Ted Parker was an active participant in various associations for business in Lumberton. He was a member of the board of directors for the Lumberton Chamber of Commerce and played a key role in encouraging regional economic development. Ted’s inventive ideas and teamwork talent helped create a variety of jobs and brought new companies to the region.

Community Involvement

Philanthropic Efforts

Ted Parker was not just an entrepreneur, He was a philanthropist right at heart. The community he was a part of been there for him all his life. Ted along with his wife and family founded The Parker Foundation, which has supported a variety of community-based projects, scholarships for local students, and has provided support for non-profit organizations.

Mentoring the Next Generation

Recognizing the importance of mentoring, Ted Parker dedicated a large portion of his time to mentoring young entrepreneurs. He organized seminars and workshops to share his expertise in business and personal experience. A lot of young professionals in Lumberton are grateful for their successes due to Ted’s mentoring and guidance.

Civic Engagement

Ted’s dedication to Lumberton was not limited to his charitable and business endeavors. He was a prominent member of local government and civic engagement. Ted was on the Lumberton City Council for two years, and he was focused on issues like infrastructure development, education, and public safety. His approach to politics and ability to reach consensus has made him a revered politician in local politics.

Family and Personal Life

Family Ties

Ted Parker’s love for his family was apparent throughout his life. He got married to his perfect friend from high school Linda in 1968. The family had 3 children: Michael, Sarah, and James. Ted and Linda’s relationship was based on respect for each other and shared values. the two worked to teach these values in their children.

Personal Interests

In addition to his competent and other community-related pursuits, Ted Parker had a variety of pursuits. Ted was a keen outdoor enthusiast who loved fishing, hiking as well as camping out with family. Ted was also an avid patron of local sports teams and could be often found supporting team members of the Lumberton High School football team.

Faith and Values

Ted Parker was a devout Christian and was a regular participant in his church. His faith influenced his decisions and actions in both competent and personal life. Ted’s integrity, compassion, and conviction to serve others were built on his religious convictions and he frequently talked about the importance of his faith in his daily life.


A Life Well Lived

Ted Parker’s story is a an example of the power of determination, hard work and a sense of compassion. His work in businesses, as well as his charitable initiatives, as well as his commitment to civic life have left an impact that will be remembered in Lumberton. The legacy left by Ted is of kindness, leadership and a strong dedication to improving the lives of those around him.

Memorials and Tributes

In the days that followed Ted’s death, a flood of tributes came in from every corner of society. Family members, friends, and colleagues shared their stories of the kindness of Ted, his wit and his unwavering commitment to make Lumberton an even better place. A memorial service for the public took place in the Lumberton Civic Center, where hundreds of people came together to celebrate Ted’s life and his legacy.


Ted Parker’s story is an inspiring tale of compassion, dedication and a spirit of community. His achievements in Lumberton, NC, have created a lasting legacy to be remembered by many generations to follow. Ted’s commitment for his family members, company, and his community serve as an example to those who were around him. When we look back on his life and legacy the mind is re-assuring of the immense impact that a single person can have on their community as well as the world.

Ted Parker’s obituary goes beyond than a mere record of his passing. It is an acknowledgement of a well-lived life and an enduring legacy that continues to motivate and encourage his fellow members of the Lumberton community. The memory of Ted Parker will be cherished within the souls of all who were lucky suitable to meet him, and in the impact that will last forever of his numerous contributions to society.


Who was Ted Parker?

Ted Parker was a prominent businessman, philanthropist, as well as community activist from Lumberton, NC. He was the founder of Parker Enterprises and was deeply involved in the local community’s charitable and civic activities.

What contribution made Ted Parker make to the community?

Ted Parker contributed to the Lumberton community through his entrepreneurial ventures, charitable efforts and civic involvement. He created his foundation, the Parker Foundation, mentored young entrepreneurs, and was a member of the Lumberton City Council.

What do you think Ted Parker impact the business community of Lumberton?

Ted Parker played a significant part in the business world by establishing Parker Enterprises and serving on the board of directors for the Lumberton Chamber of Commerce. His visionary leadership and inventive ideas led to economic growth and helped create employment opportunities for the region.

What was the life of Ted Parker’s family like?

Ted Parker was married to his high school sweetheart Linda They were blessed with three kids. He was a committed family man who was devoted to spending his time spent with loved ones and taught the values of his children.

What are the ways Ted Parker remembered by the community?

Ted Parker is remembered as a caring leader, generous philanthropist and dedicated father. His legacy lives on by the activities that is The Ted Parker Foundation and the many lives he touched during his life.