Zong pubg package 2021

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zong pubg package 2021
zong pubg package 2021

In the constantly changing world of mobile gaming PUBG has become an extremely loved and addictive games in the world. With millions of players participating in exciting battles every day the need for an efficient and reliable internet connection is vital. Realizing this, Zong, one of the most reputable telecommunication companies in Pakistan has launched specialized packages specifically designed specifically for PUBG gamers. In this thorough guide, we explore the complexities of Zong PUBG Packages for 2021 and explore the benefits, features and disadvantages.

Understanding the Importance of Zong PUBG Package:

When it comes to games played online, a reliable and speedy internet connection is crucial for a truly immersive gaming experience. Zong is known for its strong system of network connectivity, created specific packages for PUBG to meet gamers’ needs. These packages provide specific data allowances and bonus offers which allow players to play for hours without having to fear about consuming normal data quotas. For PUBG gamers, choosing the Zong PUBG Package will significantly improve their gaming experience, as well as grant great value in terms of value.

Exploring Zong PUBG Packages in 2021:

Zong provides a variety of PUBG packages that are designed to meet various budgets and preferences. These packages typically come with data allowances that are specifically designed for PUBG gaming, in addition to extra benefits like free minutes of voice or SMS. Some packages provide unlimitted access to PUBG servers, which ensures uninterrupted connectivity during gaming sessions. Let’s explore the particulars of these packages, and what they provide to players who are avid PUBG players.

Comparison of Zong PUBG Packages:

Package NameData AllowanceValidity PeriodPrice (PKR)Additional Benefits
PUBG Daily1 GB1 Day
PUBG Weekly5 GB7 DaysFree Minutes/SMS
PUBG Monthly15 GB30 DaysUnlimited PUBG Access
PUBG UnlimitedUnlimited30 DaysUnlimited PUBG Access

Please note that benefits and prices can vary. Check on Zong for the most up-to-date details.

How to Subscribe to Zong PUBG Package:

The process of signing up for the Zong the PUBG package is easy. Customers can dial the USSD code or access their My Zong app to activate the package they want. After signing up, the data allowance will instantly be accessible to be used for PUBG games, allowing players to begin playing without delay.

Advantages of Zong PUBG Package:

  1. A dedicated PUBG data allowances ensure continuous gaming.
  2. Other bonuses like free minutes of voice or SMS can add value to the package.
  3. High-speed internet connectivity offered by Zong’s strong infrastructure for network.
  4. It is easy to subscribe using USSD number and My Zong app.
  5. Competitive pricing makes it affordable to gamers with all budgets.

Disadvantages of Zong PUBG Package:

  1. Limits on data storage may not be sufficient for long gaming sessions.
  2. Packages can vary in terms of availability and benefits based on location.
  3. Sometimes, network outages or fluctuations could disrupt the gaming experience.
  4. Customers who live outside Zong’s coverage zone might not benefit fully from the programs.
  5. Dependence on mobile data can result in more costs for users who are heavy.


Zong PUBG Packages for 2021 deliver an ideal solution for players who want an unbeatable and immersive PUBG experience. With a dedicated allowance for data, more bonuses, and affordable prices, these bundles are a great value. But, players should take into consideration their game habits and network coverage prior to committing to warrant the perfect gaming experience. No matter if you’re a casual player or a fervent PUBG fan, Zong has a package to meet your needs and take the experience of gaming to higher levels.


What is the accurate way to make use of the PUBG allowance of data for other services or applications?

No The PUBG allowance for data is only allotted to PUBG use and cannot be used for any other application or services.

Do Zong PUBG Packages provide accessibility to PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile Lite?

Zong PUBG Packages typically offer the ability to access both PUBG Mobile in addition to PUBG Mobile Lite servers.

Do I have the ability to join several Zong PUBG packages simultaneously?

No you can only sign up to only one Zong the PUBG Program at one time. The subscription to different packages could result in different data allowances.

Is there any limitations on the time I am able to use this PUBG data allowance?

No no, the PUBG data allowance is able to be used at any point during the validity of the program, all day long.

How should I proceed if encounter problems in the Zong PBG Account? 

If you encounter any problems regarding the Zong the PUBG Packet, including issues with connectivity or billing issues, you are able to call customer support at Zong to get help.

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